My name is Rob and I am passionate about people. Apart from that I am certified HCI (GeorgiaTech), UX (UCSD) and gamification professional. 

But it is not only UX – I like to call myself a T-shaped product designer. I conduct interviews, write scenarios, copyright and prototype, I even code mobile MVPs… But my best is in creating inspiring personas and muti-touchpoint user journeys.

Call it a “People-Centric Design” or a “Design Thinking Approach”  if you wish, but all these smart words mean that value should be created in all aspects of a product or a communication piece. Each touchpoint, every micro-interaction needs to find a logical place in the context of a user. In my eyes this is the only way to create software that people love.

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An entertainment park that knows how to engage parents.


Now the biggest online learning platform in Lithuania.


Design for the moments of grievance, sadness and fragile masculinity.


Updated February, 2022.