Monastery Works (Vienuoli┼│ akmenys)

This, the design for the moments of death, loss, and eternal life. Is not everyday one has a chance to create meaningful interactions for the producers of gravestones and cemetery decorations. Context? We live in an age where all this has become a commercial transaction, bigger stone for less money, faster delivery, aggressive discounts… Never-ending Black Friday.

We saw that we can change it and went through the full consumer journey, both online (webshop, Facebook) and offline (home, cemetery, church, outdoor shop), making this strong experience count.

The Persona
Richard, a family man in his 50s, had lost his father a couple of months ago. It’s not just the loss, it is a huge realization, that you are THE FATHER now. You are now the one at the center, the one in charge, you are the one who knows what is right. This responsibility for the whole family and the fragile understanding of you being the next to pass.

The Challenge
Create religious, personal moments, that would let one reflect and find peace.

The Solution
Many chances, that it will be a one-off transaction, so main engagement interactions are planned at the moment of purchase. Webshop would offer pocket-size commemorative stones that can be sent to those, that cannot visit the cemetery in person. As for the outdoor shop, we created is a near-monastery experience, with dedicated places to light a candle for the loved one, pray, or just sit and meditate before choosing the tombstone or decoration.

This extends to online content, exploring the themes of grievances and manhood. How should men feel, when they lose their fathers? We urge them to understand and accept this moment, treasure the memories, and create a space in a cemetery where they can still feel that togetherness they long for.

Our idea attracted a well-known and loved cleric, who publicly supported our values during the launch, giving us much-needed credibility and reach at the same time.

My role
Desk research, business model, strategy, naming, CX, UX, comm/digital strategy, GTM concept, web information architecture, copywriting

An entertainment park that knows how to engage parents.


Now the biggest online learning platform in Lithuania.


Design for the moments of grievance, sadness and fragile masculinity.


Updated November, 2021.