Adventica Entertainment Park

I love building challenger products, but this time we had to build a leading brand from the ground up. It was planned to be the biggest, the most exciting leisure park in the Baltics with the positioning and the tone to match. Here, as always, we started from people and what this new brand should mean to them.

The Persona

Jurgis, happily married hipster father of two. In his late 30s, he wants to be a good worker, a good father, and a good husband, but there is no time and energy for everything. And no time for himself as well. No Me in We, and he feels that it’s not a good thing. Personal dilemmas aside, those routine rides to the leisure parks, when you drop off the kids and just go window shopping for several hours, are just a waste of time.

The Challenge

Make it a destination for parents – convert “time wasted” to “time gained”

The Solution

We created our voice, a fictional founder, that writes Facebook posts for Adventica. Being very personal, he would try to remind other parents that things have not to be all dull, especially when you are grown-up and can invent new rules. Everything can be a game. He also started a new Facebook group where other parents could share ideas of how to entertain their kids AND have fun at the same time.

But Adventica did not open its doors to the visitors. A week before the grand opening everything closed for the quarantine. Our Facebook group became a huge thing for the people locked home with the kids (I still don’t dare to call it luck, but… well…). And when the park finally opened up, it appeared that most of the spaces are designed for parents and kids to have fun together (or relax and play their smartphone video games, if they are too tired to compete).

The Result

It became A THING from the very beginning, but with the brand unable to deliver what had to be the main experience it is very tough. 

And while things are SLOWLY getting back to normal (or aren’t they?), Adventica already became the most online searched theme park in Lithuania and we had a request to replicate this model in other markets.

My role

Desk research, positioning, strategy, naming, CX, comms/digital strategy, GTM concept, web information architecture, drip sequence strategy, copywriting.

An entertainment park that knows how to engage parents.


Now the biggest online learning platform in Lithuania.


Design for the moments of grievance, sadness and fragile masculinity.


Updated November, 2021.