A moment from Adventica Kid’s Run event. Photo: Augustas Četkauskas



Ozas, one of the two biggest shopping malls in Vilnius, attracts large amounts of shoppers every single day. However, while mothers shop, their bored husbands and children sit around in lounge areas with no designated space for them.




We were asked to make a newly built leisure park a destination place for families and business parties.




Being at the centre of a shopping mall gave us a license to claim market leadership. Instead of picking a market niche, we decided to be the biggest, loudest and separate world in itself.

Name and Visual ID


Like Disneyland, Adventica had to become more than a theme park. Hence the name selected carries the allusions to the Indiana-Jonesque type of experience for both children and their parents. But to keep the brand closer to its primary audience, young children, I suggested building art direction around 80s skater culture that was DIY, cheerful and full of movement.

A bradbook developed for Adventica.

Customer experience


Every brand touchpoint, from tickets to newsletters, was built around an idea of play. Christmas tree decorations invited kids to look for clues while parents got weekly updates from Jurgis, our made-up mascot.

A snapshot of a landing page designed for the launch. 

Project launch presentations created for B2C customers.

Project launch presentations created for B2B customers.



Despite briefly closing their doors due to the pandemic restrictions, Adventica has become a well-established place for parents to spend quality time with their children. Even so that, I was contacted by an architecture firm from Riga asking for help in building a similar concept in Minsk, Belarus.

Some of Adcentica’s social media reviews. “My husband loved it”, “Great place for both kids and grownups”, “Made me feel like a kid” are among common comments. 

My role in the project:

  • Brand ID
  • Website and brand touchpoint design

Monika Narušytė

Experience designer



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