2019 – ongoing 


Self-employed creative people find it very hard to manage their financial lives. Most of their hearts and minds are poured into their creative pursuits. But when it comes to creating invoices, most of them procrastinate or get mildly paralysed. 



A mistake in an invoice costs you your reputation and livelihood. 



A friction-free, fool-proof app that allows creatives to manage their invoicing on the go. The app has to perform in a way that minimises the number of steps taken to issue an invoice, prevent mistakes, take the least cognitive load possible and look more like a game than accounting software. 

Low-fi app flow prototypes are being tested with potential customers. 

To achieve this, we build a system of autofill that learns from previous inputs and swaps typing-in with copy-paste. Also, we created a set of invoice templates suggested during onboarding based on typical creative industry accounts and coffee-shop testing with potential users that allow a super fast setup.

Adobe XD wireframes for the app. 

Visual ID 


An integral part of an app experience, its visual ID contrasts two concepts that provoke strong associations with potential users. Bronė, an old Soviet name for Karen, now becomes a 1920s technicolour western hero whose strive to make things right makes her irreplaceable at handling finances.

Final app UI.


Despite delighting everyone who has seen her, Bronė still is a project waiting to come to full fruition while we are busy doing other things.


My role in the project: 

  • Concept
  • Wireframing
  • Visual ID
  • UX&UI
  • Copy


Monika Narušytė

Experience designer



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