Health Optimizing Vilnius

2020 – 2022


Health Optimizing Vilnius opened as a part of the Health Optimizing global franchise. The main USP of the brand is its visionary founder Thomas Aksnes who promotes a new approach of non-invasive, technology-based holistic medicine. The client first comes in for a full four-hour diagnostic checkup and then receives a custom health plan they have to follow for several months to bring their health to an optimum level which is very different from traditional medicine that only addresses and treats symptoms when they arise. 


Client problem to be solved

After going through several rounds of high and in-depth levels of interviews with potential audiences of the newly built clinic, we discovered some major barriers. Local audiences regarded Thomas Aksneses’s approach to medicine as “foreign” and borderline “charlatanism” as it was so distant from the traditional understanding of what medicine is.  Also, the length of “treatment”, service structure, and it’s price were major hurdles that discouraged many potential customers. 


Web and GTM

Parallel to a PR campaign, we built service-related solutions to overcome the hurdles mentioned above. All of the customer touch-points we created were built in a way that encourages live contact as soon as possible as it proved to be the most effective way to build loyalty and trust. The clinic’s homepage, for example, had a very clear CTA with a direct connection to the service desk. Also, additional services like one-time checkups for specific issues or monthly thematic campaigns with social media posts, landing pages and newsletters were built to respond to audiences’ pain points and remove frictions.

Home page.

Red ribbon day campaign. 

Examples of monthly thematic campaigns. 

The pandemic

Pandemic times were extremely challenging for a new clinic that used an unorthodox approach to medicine, had above average price point, and longer-than-usual “treatment” period. We responded by restructuring customer touchpoints to more informative ones since at the point more people preferred to browse online first before getting in touch. In addition, extra touchpoints were built so that the clinic could provide their services at the convenience of their patient’s homes not just in-house.


Customer health monitoring platform and app (iOS and Android)

At this time, we discovered an additional problem that the clinic did not notice before. Due to the unusual treatment structure, most of the patients failed to follow the doctor’s instructions after they left an initial four-hour diagnostic checkup. Meanwhile, doctors were buried in paperwork and having a hard time following their promise – to check on their customers’ progress every few weeks.

Hence, for patients, we built an easy telemedicine app that allowed them to book a 15min call with a specialist of their choice. The doctors then were able to provide a quick consult or book a patient into a clinic right away if they deemed it necessary.

Patients app interface. 

For doctors, we built a telemedicine mobile app and a desktop interface that allowed them to both control their time by marking available timeslots and receive patient calls. This way they were able to plan both their clinic duties and remote consults at a time that was convenient for them.

Doctors app interface. 

Additionally, the desktop interface allowed the doctors to perform automatic follow-ups. We noticed that every doctor, based on their specialty, has a specific set of instructions that they expect their customers to follow post-visit. Be it following their medication use, sticking to sleep hygiene, a workout plan, or something entirely different. In the majority of cases, the patients fail to follow these plans long-term. Meanwhile, the doctors have no time to check in. Hence, working with every doctor we built a set of templates containing a set of actions to be performed that the system would automatically send out for their customers to check whether the plan is being followed. For the doctor, it is a set-it-up-once-and-forget-about-it system (unless some abnormalities arose, then the doctor would be notified) while for the customer it is a health buddy in their pocket that nudges them towards the behavior that helps improve their health.


Justas Garabauskas – Project Management

Robertas Skiauteris – Code

Monika Narušytė – Grapic & Product Design

Monika Narušytė

Experience designer



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