Health Optimizing Vilnius

2019 – ongoing

Thomas Aksnes, Founder and Chief Scientist of Health Optimizing franchise, introduces a newly opened clinic in Manila. 



In 2019 Health Optimizing franchise opened its first clinic in Vilnius. With their innovative approach to healthcare, in the conservative Lithuanian market, they faced some challenges right away. Their methodology was so far from what people understood as medicine that most regarded them as charlatans, not innovators. 


Our task


Our task was to increase the number of patients that go through all three-month treatment cycle, not just initial diagnostics. 




After conducting interviews with potential and past patients, we discovered that most of them understood health as a state of not being sick and considered alternative treatments only when traditional medicine had failed to help them. 

Hence our task was to shift people’s perception of the clinic from “alternative medicine” to “normality” by raising expectations around their personal health. Is it really enough just not to be sick? Or do you deserve to feel the best you have ever felt?


Responsive Website 


When designing brand touchpoints, we wanted to take a different approach than the rest of the franchise clinics. Instead of accentuating a “high-tech” look and feel, we chose an authentic but calm brand voice and visuals that allow people to take a peek into the daily life of the clinic. 

From very early on, we observed that customers that have live contact with someone from the clinic are less sceptical and more likely to come in for treatment. Hence, working with an interior photographer, I designed and built a website that encourages people to get in touch as soon as possible.

First version of Health Optimising website we designed and built using Elementor. 

Social media engagement


In collaboration with doctors working at Health Optimizing Vilnius, we launched monthly mini social media campaigns to introduce our doctors, engage existing and find potential new audiences. I was responsible for designing, building and writing copy for most landing pages and social media posts. 

Monthly mini engagement campaigns built around topics of Movember, New Year Detox, Digital Detox, Mothers Day and Women’s sensitivities to COVID-19.

Pandemic issues


As the pandemic hit, the uncertainty around the future and health made people more suspicious of any new concept. At Health Optimizing, we felt that the number of people calling in to get more information about the clinic, treatment methodologies and pricing was increasing while the number of people coming in was falling. Based on the client feedback we were getting this way, we rebuilt the websites information architecture, copy and visuals to ensure that patients could easily find the precise information they were looking for. 

A second version of Health Optimizing website: more services, more content, more social proof built in. 

In addition, alongside the full-treatment cycle, we designed and launched a set of sub-services such as a subscription telemedicine app and one time assessments to provide more varied engagement opportunities to their customers. 

A separate landing page for Red Ribbon Day built to encourage women to get tested.

A separate sales lading page for non invasive digestion test.

A monthly subscription telemedicine app for our customers so they can check-in without leaving their homes. 


Despite their slow start and app launch on hold, Health Optimizing Vilnius had to temporarily suspend bookings as they can no longer respond to patient demand. As a result, they are looking for a new location that could facilitate their growth. 


My role in the project:

  • Helping define GTM and Comms strategy
  • Creative Direction and Design for brand touchpoints
  • Copywriting and building a website using Elementor
  • UX&UI for a subscription telemedicine app

Monika Narušytė

Experience designer



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